How to reach Dwarka Mor Vipin Garden Nawada New Delhi

dwarka mor vipin garden nawada new delhi delhi

Navigating to Dwarka Mor near Vipin Garden in Nawada, New Delhi offers various options, catering to different budgets, travel times, and preferences. Here’s a comprehensive guide to your journey:

Public Transport:

1. Delhi Metro:

  • Nearest Station: Dwarka Mor Metro Station on the Blue Line is just a short walk (approximately 5-10 minutes) from Vipin Garden.
  • Cost-Effective: Metro fares are affordable, typically INR 10-30 depending on your origin station.
  • Fast and Efficient: Avoids traffic congestion and offers a swift journey.
  • Cons: Requires walking from the station and potential for crowding during peak hours.

2. DTC Buses:

  • Several Routes: Numerous DTC buses stop near Dwarka Mor or at Uttam Nagar West Metro Station, a short walk from Vipin Garden. Look for routes like:
    • 728 (Delhi Gate – Najafgarh)
    • 764 (Mori Gate Terminal – Nangloi)
    • 764EXT (Mori Gate Terminal – Najafgarh)
    • 807A (Rajouri Garden – Najafgarh)
    • 826 (Moti Nagar – Nangloi)
    • 835LT (Delhi Gate – Nangloi)
    • 850 (Mori Gate Terminal – Nangloi)
    • 883STL (Uttam Nagar West Metro Station – Nangloi)
    • 891STL (Dhaula Kuan – Uttam Nagar West Metro Station)
  • Affordable: Bus fares are budget-friendly, typically INR 5-15 depending on the type of bus.
  • Wide Network: Easy to find a bus from various parts of Delhi.
  • Cons: Can be slow and prone to traffic delays, requires walking from the bus stop.

3. E-Rickshaws/ Scooters:

  • Eco-Friendly Option: Look for designated stands near your location and hop on an e-rickshaw or grappling scooter for a short ride to Dwarka Mor.
  • Convenient for Short Distances: Suitable for quick trips within Nawada or nearby areas.
  • Cost: Varies based on distance and chosen service provider.
  • Cons: Limited availability in some areas, not suitable for heavy luggage.

Other Transportation Modes:

1. Auto Rickshaws:

  • Direct and Quick: Haggle for a fair price before boarding and get dropped off directly near Vipin Garden.
  • Good for Luggage: Suitable for carrying luggage compared to buses or e-rickshaws.
  • Travel Time: 10-15 minutes depending on traffic.
  • Cost: Varies based on distance and negotiation, generally more expensive than buses.

2. Walking:

  • Healthy and Free: If you’re coming from nearby areas like Uttam Nagar West or Kakrola, walking might be a viable option. Dwarka Mor is roughly 1-2 km from these locations.
  • Cons: Not suitable for everyone, especially with luggage or during hot weather.

I hope this guide helps you reach Dwarka Mor near Vipin Garden in Nawada efficiently and conveniently. Choose the option that best suits your needs and enjoy your journey!

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